Software Release Date: March 04, 2024


This release introduces several enhancements and bug fixes related to the SVX Portal and Meeco Wallet

  • Enhancements: Introduced a new approach for displaying encrypted data for organization administrators depending on the entered passphrase. Added a Toolbar with links to Documentation and HelpDesk. Updated the empty screens "Credentials" and "Requests" with animations for Meeco Wallet.

  • Bug Fixes: Resolved a bug causing a 500 error during the opening/managing of verification responses. Fixed the ability to open a Tenant or Organisation right after their creation. Various bug fixes for the Wallet application mostly related to User Experience improvements.



  • A new toolbar has been added to the Portal enabling users to view and access: Security-related information, SVX Documentation and SVX Helpdesk.

  • Updated the screen View credential based on security aspects and whether a passphrase was entered or not.


  • Updated the margins on the Processing and Registering screens.

  • Updated the Credentials empty state screen.

  • Added animations on empty state screens: Credentials and Requests.

  • Updated "Secure Your Wallet" and "Biometrics" screens.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes bug fixes aimed at improving the user experience.


  • Resolved an issue with the 500 error during managing verification responses.

  • Fixed a bug where the error message appears for credentials with a different format than vc-jwt in View mode.

  • Renamed error message for already existing applications with the same name.

  • Provided the ability to open Tenant and Organization right after their creation from the lists.

  • Fixed white text appearing on the credentials card in the credentials template.


  • Icons and main image are displayed now on the "Settings" -> "Terms&Conditions" screen.

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