Onboarding and Organisation Setup

Invitation emails

Organisations are managed by Organisation Administrators. Organisation Administrators gain access to an Organisation via an invitation email. The first Organisation Administrator to join an Organisation will receive an invitation email from a Tenant Administrator. Subsequent Organisation Administrators can be invited by existing Organisation Administrators.

To accept an invitation email, navigate to your email inbox. Locate the email sent from SVX Support with the subject heading Invite to join (Organisation name) Organisation.

First time invitation to the SVX Portal

If this is your first invitation to join SVX, the email will contain:

  • The name of the person who invited you, and

  • Steps on how to access the SVX Portal. These steps include:

    • Navigating to the registration URL

    • Entering your temporary password

    • Setting a new password

After clicking on the registration URL, you will be presented with the SVX registration screen. Enter the temporary password that was provided to you, set your new password and accept Meeco’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Click Next to log in. You will land on the Tenant / Organisation selection screen. Click on your Organisation and you will land on the associated Dashboard.

Subsequent invitations to the SVX Portal

It is possible for an Organisation Administrator to be invited to join other Organisations or Tenancies. In this case, the SVX Portal will recognise the Organisation Administrator as an existing user. All subsequent invitation emails will state:

  • Which Tenant or Organisation you have been invited to join

  • The name of the person who invited you

  • A URL to access the SVX Portal, and

  • A reminder to use your existing login details

After clicking on the Portal Login URL you will be presented with the SVX login screen. Enter your email address as your username, then enter your password. Click Log in to continue to the SVX Portal. You will land on the Tenant / Organisation selection screen. Click on your Tenant or Organisation to navigate to the associated Dashboard.

If you have been invited to an Organisation, after clicking on the Organisation in the list, you will be prompted to enter the associated Passphrase. See the section below titled Setup the Organisation's Passphrase for more information.

Setup an Organisation’s Passphrase

First Administrator to join the Organisation

If you are the first Organisation Administrator from your Organisation to login to the SVX Portal you will be presented with the option to setup your Organisation’s Passphrase. This passphrase is unique to your Organisation and ensures that only Organisation Administrators who have entered the passphrase will be able to access all available features and functions. With this in mind, if you decide to setup your Organisation’s passphrase at this point in time, please consider the following:

You will need to distribute the passphrase to other Organisation Administrators who wish to access all features and functions within the Portal.

To setup the Organisation's passphrase, first read the information presented on the setup screen. Click on Continue to proceed to the passphrase or Skip to navigate to the Organisation's dashbaord. After clicking Continue you will be presented with the partially hidden passphrase in a non-editable text field. You can click on the eye 👁 icon to reveal the entire passphrase. Next, click on the Copy Passphrase to clipboard button then click Next. Paste the passphrase in the empty text field and clik the Done button.

A modal will appear confirming that passphrase setup is complete. Click OK to close the modal and navigate to the Organisation's dashboard.

Note If you lose the passphrase it is not retrievable and access to your Organisation will be lost. Please only share the passphrase with known users who require access to the Organisation via SVX.

You can choose to skip setup of the passphrase, however, you will have limited access to the components within the Portal.

Subsequent Administrators

If you are invited to join the Organisation and the associated passphrase has already been set up, you will need to enter the Organisation's passphrase when you first try to access the Organisation.

After actioning an invitation email or by clicking on a new Organisation that appears in your Organisations list, you will be prompted to enter the Organisation's passphrase. To do this, acquire the passphrase from another Organisation Administrator, click in the text box on the Passphrase screen, then click the Login button. You will be navigated to the Organisation's dashboard.

You can choose to skip setup of the passphrase by clicking on the Skip for now button, however, you will have limited access to the components within the Portal.

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