Manage Tenancy

Within the Manage Tenancy section of the side menu, you can manage the following:

View Account Settings

Tenant Administrators can view their Tenancy’s account settings by navigating to Manage Tenancy on the left-side menu of the SVX Portal, and selecting Account Settings. Here you will see the:

  • Tenant name

  • Tenant ID

  • Logo URL

Note The Tenant ID is designated by the SVX Portal at the time the Tenancy is created.

Edit Account Settings

To edit your Tenancy’s details, select the Edit button from the Account Settings page. The information will be presented as an editable form where you can update / change the following information:

  • Tenant name

  • Logo

To change the Tenant’s logo either drag and drop the new logo file into the outlined logo box or select click here to navigate to the new logo’s location on your device. The new logo will appear in the preview box.

When complete, select Save to save changes, or Cancel to discard changes.

Note The Tenant ID cannot be changed. You can, however, click on the copy icon to copy the ID to your clipboard.

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