Secure Value Exchange

Meeco’s SVX Platform is a series of components that enable enterprises to put their customers in control of their personal data, identity and digital assets. These components can be integrated into existing systems via our APIs, SDK, or standalone tools as a way for enterprise customers to deploy trusted personal data ecosystems. The SVX Platform at its core provides the following capabilities: secure data storage, verifiable credentials management, and digital asset management. Details of the Platform’s components and architecture can be seen below.


Components can be used individually, or combined to enable enterprises with extensive data and digital asset management solutions. Each component has been designed to address specific issues and concerns in those areas. These include:

  • Secure data storage and management (workplace, customer and asset data)

  • Verifiable credentials (issuing, revoking and verifying credentials)

  • Digital asset management (decentralised identifiers)

  • Cryptographic key management

  • Consent, permission and authorisation management

Each component can be accessed via our extensive Platform API, SDK, or via our low-code Enterprise Portal and digital Wallet application. For more information on each component, please select the component tile below.

The components are

  • Vault – Secure data storage

  • Keys – Encryption key management

  • Exchange – Peer-to-peer encrypted connections & sharing

  • Consent – Consent & permission management

  • Events – Events, audits & notifications

  • Wallet – Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Wallet & services

  • Credentials – W3C Verifiable Credentials management

  • ATOM – Multi-tenancy & organisation management

  • Devtools – Developer tools & documentation

Platform Deliverables

The SVX Platform has been designed and developed with key values in mind:

  • Remove friction

  • Enable trust

  • Manage risk

  • Personalise experiences

  • Increase loyalty

  • Develop new business models

These values have been formed after extensive research into the space, with a focus on the requirements of the businesses and organisations who engage in it. By developing flexible digital components that can be implemented in any discipline, domain or ecosystem, enterprises can:

  • Restore digital equity and trust between them and their customers

  • Reduce costs

  • Meet data compliance requirements

When using Meeco’s set of components, these deliverables can be easily achieved as each component has been created with security, privacy, standards and regulatory compliance in mind. We encourage you to review our information documentation or speak to us today to discuss how we can help your company deliver more robust, secure and compliant infrastructure.

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