Wallet Recovery

The Meeco Wallet is a decentralised application, therefore recovery of the application is only possible by the Holder. Meeco, nor any other third party have access to a Holder’s wallet and associated information. It is essential that each Holder saves their Recovery Phrase in a secure location as it will be required in the event the application is deleted or the device is lost / stolen.

Recovery Phrase

Your wallet recovery phrase consists of 24 randomly generated words that, when used in a pre-defined order, can recovery your wallet app in the event it is lost or stolen.

View and save your recovery phrase

After setting up your Meeco Wallet navigate to Settings and tap on Backup. Here you will be presented with your 24-word recovery phrase. As the message at the top of the screen states, you must save your recovery phrase in a safe place. While the safest option for storing your recovery phrase is to write it on a piece of paper and keep the hard copy in a secure location, the Meeco Wallet also offers ways for you to save it digitally.

On the Back up recovery phrase screen, tap on the Backup now button. You will be presented with the following options:

  • Copy to clipboard: Copies your recovery phrase to your device’s clipboard.

  • Export: Allows you to send your recovery phrase directly to another application.

Note It is strongly advised that you save your recovery phrase in a secure password manager or similar application. Be careful not to share your recovery phrase with anyone else.

Recovery process

Recover your wallet

There are a number of scenarios where you might need to recover your wallet, for example:

  • You have lost the device the wallet application was installed on.

  • The device that the wallet application was installed on has been stolen.

  • You cannot remember your PIN when opening the wallet application.

In any of these scenarios, you will need to re-download the Meeco Wallet app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play (dependant on the device you are using). After following the installation instructions, open the Meeco Wallet app and, on the landing screen, tap on Restore wallet.

You will be prompted to enter your 24-word recovery phrase. After entering your recovery phrase, tap on the Complete wallet recovery button. Your app will present the Credentials screen where you will be able to use your wallet as you previously did.

Note If you did not save your recovery phrase before losing access to your wallet, you will not be able to restore your wallet to its previous state. You will need to install the Meeco Wallet app and re-establish your connections and re-add your credentials.

What has been recovered?

After recovering your wallet application, your decentralised identifier (DID) is restored. This is your wallet’s unique identifier that is captured by Providers and Organisations when you register and / or connect with them. By maintaining the same DID, Providers and Organisations who have your DID on file will be able to maintain the sharing of data with your wallet.

Where have my credentials gone?

While the Providers and Organisations you had previously registered and / or connected with will retain your wallet DID, your wallet will not retain their information. But, don’t worry, simply re-register with the Provider via a registration QR Code, and your connections and credentials will be restored in your wallet.

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