Dashboard and Navigation


After logging into an Organisation, Organisation Administrators are presented with their Organisation Dashboard. The Dashboard contains quick links that enable the Administrator to perform actions within the SVX Portal. These quick links are presented as tiles. Each tile displays a section of the Portal and a brief description of the actions a user can take within that section.

The tiles that appear on a Tenant Dashboard include:

  • Credentials

  • Vault

  • Manage Organisation

  • Documentation

  • Helpdesk


The toolbar appears at the top of the Portal user interface (UI) and is permanently visible.

Three icons appear in the top-right corner of the toolbar:

  • Security

  • Documentation

  • Helpdesk

All three icons enable Administrators to navigate to external resource sites, however, the security icon also acts as a visual indicator of secure information being presented on the screen (see below for more details).


The security icon only appears on the toolbar on pages that contain a security component. These security components contain personally identifiable information (PII) and are only visible to Administrators with the assocaited permissions. These components can be identified via the security icon centred in a green circle in the top-left of the component's heading. They also have a grey background that creates a box for the private information to sit inside.

If an Adminsitrator does not have the required permissions to view the sensitive information, a condensed security component will be visible with the following text "You do not have permission to view this information. To view this information enter the Organisation’s passphrase.".

Why is this important? This icon indicates to Administrators which personally identifiable information (PII), or other sensitive data is visible to them (or not) based on their access permissions. This is important as sensitive data should only be accessible to authorised users.

When a user lands on a page that has a security container component, or when a user closes a security explainer component, a green ring around the security icon on the toolbar will animate (the green circle will loop twice around the icon).

When hovering over the security icon, or after clicking the icon on the toolbar, a message will appear below stating “Privately viewed information. This information is only visible to Organisation Administrators with the associated permissions.”


When hovering over the documentation icon, a message will appear below stating “Documentation. Click to navigate to SVX documentation.” After clicking on the documentation icon, you will be taken to the SVX supporting documentation landing page. Here you will find API documentation and step-by-step tutorials.


When hovering over the helpdesk icon, a message will appear below stating “Helpdesk. Click to navigate to the SVX Helpdesk. Lodge help requests, bug reports, or suggestions.” After clicking on the helpdesk icon, you will be taken to the SVX Helpdesk landing page.

Via the SVX Helpdesk landing page, Administrators can choose to lodge help requests, bug reports, or suggestions. These requests will be recorded and given a unique identifier. Status updates and correspondence regarding a request will be available to the Administrator who lodged it. Correspondence and notifications will be sent to the Administrator via their registered email address.

Side Menu

An Organisation Administrator’s side menu in the SVX Portal consists of the following sections and sub-sections:

  • Dashboard

  • Credentials

    • Credential templates

    • Issue / Revoke Credentials

    • Verification templates

    • Verification requests

  • Enterprise Vault

    • Connections

  • Devtools

    • Applications

    • Documentation

    • Helpdesk

  • Manage Tenancy

    • Administrators

    • Account Settings

At the bottom of the side menu, you will see the footer. The footer displays your name and a link to Manage Account. Alongside, is an arrow icon ⌃ where, when clicked, presents additional menu options:

My Profile

Within the My Profile section you are able to manage your SVX account, including your profile information and password. For more information, see the Manage Account guide.

Switch Tenant or Organisation

If you are an Administrator of multiple Tenants and / or Organisations you can click the Switch Tenant or Organisation button. From here, you will be presented with a summary of the Tenants and / or Organisations you are associated with. Via the left-side menu of the SVX Portal, you can navigate between the Tenants and Organisations sections. After clicking on a section, you will be presented with a table listing all Tenants / Organisations. Above the table are tabs that allow you to view Current and Archived Tenants and Organisations.

Click on a Tenant or Organisation to navigate to the corresponding Dashboard.


If you wish to logout of the SVX Portal, navigate to the side menu footer, click on the arrow icon ⌃ and click on Logout. You will be presented with a confirmation message asking you to confirm that you wish to logout. Click the button Yes, log me out to complete the logout workflow. Alternatively, if you wish to remain logged in, click the button No, keep me logged in.

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