Software Release Date: May 17, 2023


The following is a summary of the key features and enhancements:

  • Verify Credentials: Default credential schemas and better auditability for credentials

  • Portal enhancements: Default credential schemas and better auditability for credentials

  • Identity Wallet enhancements: Revamped branding & bugfixes

  • API Reference: Published full API reference of the API is available here

  • Stability: In this release we focussed on improving the overall stability.

New Features

Verify Credentials

Added the option to verifying a credential next to the presentation. Functionality is used in the Meeco Wallet to allow holders to retrieve the status of a credential.


Meeco Wallet

In release 1.1.0 we have revamped the branding of the Identity Wallet, providing it with a fresh and modern look. With a refined visual identity, the Wallet application now offers a more visually appealing and cohesive interface, enhancing usability and ensuring a consistent brand experience across our platform.


  • It is now possible to add multiple providers (i.e. tenanta) and between providers

  • Persistent shares for credentials issued via vault

  • App and Play Store listings are updated

  • Logo for providers is now visible

  • Wallet uses the credential verification endpoint

  • Updated field mappings in various screens


In this release, we have included a range of example credential schemas to provide a starting point for users. These pre-defined schemas serve as templates that users can leverage to create their own custom credential structures.

We have added a new feature that allows issuing organisation to view the recipients of a shared credential, providing transparency and control over data sharing. This significantly enhances auditability for those users and organisations without compromising security and privacy.


  • No longer possible to use image urls for logos to avoid hotlinking issues

  • Credentials issued use the issuer object notation which includes the organisation name as issuer.name

  • It is now possible to edit the name of an application under organisation

  • Easier to switch context as a user when you have multiple roles (e.g. tenant admin and organisation admin)


  • Credential verification capability, alongside existing presentation verification.

  • Verification results are also expanded and return more detailed information on exactly why the verification failed instead of a binary result.

Deprecations and EOL

  • Remove invitation code input from "Provider configuration" screen. Scanning or deeplinking is the only way to join a tenant as a wallet.

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