Tenants, Organisations, and End-Users

Within Meeco’s SVX Platform, different entities have been developed for different purposes. Understanding the difference between these entities, how it maps to users and organisations is important, as it will help you to understand the responsibilities of each.

It is worth noting that regardless of whether you are using Meeco’s APIs, or if you are interacting via our Enterprise Portal, the different users and organisations are consistent across both.

Users and Organisations explained

Please note that the term ‘Organisation’ is occasionally used throughout our documentation as a cover-all term for any enterprise, company, group, or association. When utilising our platform, ‘Organisation’ refers to a specific role played by an enterprise, company, group, or association undertaking actions within a Tenancy.

Network Participants and their Role

SVX network participants as follows:

Ecosystem ParticipantRole


A tenant is operated by an enterprise. Its main responsibility is the governance of its network, participating organisations, and end-users.

Tenant Administrator

An individual (user) who has administrator access within a Tenant. A tenant administrator is responsible for the actions that take place within their tenant, including the onboarding, management and governance of organisations.


An organisation participating in the ecosystem will typically take the role of a credential or data issuer, verifier, or both. Organisations connect to end-users to exchange data.

Organisation Administrator

An individual (user) who has administrator access within an organisation. An organisation administrator can use the portal to manage the life-cyle of credentials, make connections to end-users, and setup machine-to-machine access.


End-users are invited to a tenant and benefit from services offered by that tenant, including the ability to connect to issuers, verifiers, and create a vault.

For more information on how users and organisations form an ecosystem, see our Ecosystems page.

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