The Meeco Wallet enables users (Holders) to import, store, view, share and delete their Verifiable Credentials without any tracking or third-party viewing their data. The Credential section of the Wallet can be accessed via the Credential icon on the navigation menu.

Import a credential

Once a connection with an Organisation has been established (see the Organisation Configuration tutorial for more information), the Organisation can directly issue credentials to your wallet. When a credential is issued to a wallet, a toast message will appear notifying you that a credential is waiting to be added to your wallet. You can either tap on the Add now button or the cross icon to cancel. A pop-up screen will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to add the credential(s) to your wallet. Select the credential(s) you wish to add and tap on the Add button. You can also choose to Cancel or Reject all credentials.

Note Reject all credentials: Once a credential is rejected, the option to add it to your wallet will not appear again. The Issuer will need to re-issue the credential for you to add to your wallet.

View a credential

Once a credential has been added to your wallet, you will see it appear in the Credentials section. The face of the credential will display the following information:

  • Issuer’s logo (note that not all credentials will have a logo)

  • The name of the credential

  • The name of the Issuer

  • Date issued

  • Date expires

  • An icon displaying the status of the credential

To view additional credential details, tap on the credential. An expanded view will appear. The expanded view includes the following information:

  • Associated attributes (this may include the Holder’s personal details and information specific to the credential type)

  • Advanced details

    • Credential ID

    • Issuer Name

    • Issuer DID

    • Option to copy raw data

    • Option to share raw data

Credential status

Credentials can exist in different statuses. The status of a credential is indicated by the icon in the top-right of the credential itself and by the credential’s colour. See below the different possible statuses:

Valid / Verified

A valid credential is indicated by a tick in a circle icon and the colour of the credential will not change.

Not verified

A credential that is unable to be verified in real-time is indicated by an exclamation mark in a circle icon. The colour of the credential will not change.

Revoked / Expired

An expired credential is indicated by a an exclamation mark in a hexagon icon. The colour of the credential will change to a grey striped pattern.

Delete a credential

To delete a credential, tap on a credential to view more details. Tap on the horizontal ellipsis icon ⋯ in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on the Delete button. The credential will be removed from your wallet.

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