This documentation serves as the primary source of information for individuals new to Meeco's Secure Value Exchange (SVX) platform. It explains the fundamental concepts of digital identity networks and highlights the specific role that SVX plays within this ecosystem. This documentation serves as an essential resource for users to grasp the core concepts and functionalities of SVX, empowering them to leverage its capabilities effectively.


Deepen your understanding of digital identity concepts.


Embark on your journey and harness the full potential of the platform's capabilities.


Build faster with the following tools.


SVX is available in both public deployment (hosted in Amsterdam, EU), as well as private deployments (contact us). In the public environment we currently have the following environments setup:

  • sandbox: allows you to experiment freely in an environment that is always updated to include the latest and the greatest functionalities.

  • pre-production: mimics the production environment, and allows you to perform regression tests.

  • production: where the rubber hits the road.

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