Presentation, short for Verifiable Presentation, is a data model that allows a holder of Verifiable Credentials to present them in a way that that the Verifier can attest the authorship of the credentials included.

The data format used for the presentation is vp-jwt. Other formats are not supported at this time.


Who can use this?

Presentations are generated by the holder and verified by an organisation or another user.

Generate Verifiable Presentation

Generate a verifiable presentation, ready for signing.


POST /presentation/generate


  • DID

  • List of VCs


The presentation object that includes an unsigned JWT. The client calling this endpoint (e.g. holder wallet) is responsible for adding the signature.

Verify Verifiable Presentation

Verify a given verifiable presentation. The steps performed during this verification are

  • Validate the presentation structure

  • Resolve the presentation DID

  • Verify the presentation signature

  • For each credential in the presentation

    • Validate the credential structure

    • Resolve the issuer DID

    • Verify the credential signature


POST /presentation/verify


  • Verifiable Presentation – supported format is vp-jwt


The result of the verification, either true or false. In case of false, all errors are provided, with an explanation.

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